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The interesting things of Nokia X

noA recently search result mentioned that Nokia X are in the top 10 gadgets of the most sought. The Nokia’s first Android smartphone with the characteristics of Windows Phone has turned out much steal the curiosity of many people. In developing and using Android, Nokia only uses licensed Android Open Source Project (AOSP) from Google. At this license, Google allowed anyone to take advantage of Android for free. Google has established a commitment that Android is an open source operating system. Android used on Nokia X current version is 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Nokia’s Android operating system version is called Nokia X Software Platform.

Although Nokia X uses Android as the operating system, but the smartphone is using a different interface than the other Android smartphones. Nokia did a lot of modifications to Android, including the change in order to display the Nokia X looks like Windows Phone – called Lives Tiles. Nokia X choose FastLane UI boxy Modern UI similar to the look of Windows Phone.
Nokia does not buy the license of Google Mobile Services (GMS) from Google. This is why Nokia X does not provide directly the core Android applications, such as native application Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, YouTube, Hangouts, Google +, Google Drive, and Google Search.

To overcome this, Nokia replaced it with the default application from Nokia and Microsoft. The default applications used are MixRadio, HERE for the map service, onedrive to cloud storage services, Outlook for email service, and Skype for voice services. However, Nokia X system does not provide access to the Google Play Store. Nokia is also building its own payment system for the purchase of digital content in the application. In addition to the Nokia Store, Nokia X users can install Android applications with its own applications from online stores from third parties such as Yandex, Mobango, SlideMe and others. As such, Nokia X also allows users to download and install the .apk format applications from sources outside Nokia Store.

UK Carriers Announce £100 Bill Cap for Lost or Stolen Mobiles

Stolen MobilesA lost or stolen mobile phone can be much more than an inconvenience. It can quickly escalate into a financial nightmare. It’s one thing to lose your phone and know that your personal information may fall into the hands of strangers; but criminals are just as likely to use your phone for their own nefarious purposes, leaving you to foot the bill. By now we’ve all heard the stories of customers being hit with massive phone bills after losing their mobile, or having it stolen while on holiday. Indeed, many victims of smartphone theft have found themselves faced with thousands of pounds in phone bills, with little or no recourse of action. But that’s all about to change, as the UK’s five major carriers agree to place a £100 bill cap on lost or stolen mobile phones.

The New Code of Practice

Five of the UK’s largest mobile operators (EE, Vodaphone, Three, O2, and Virgin Media) have agreed to a voluntary £100 bill cap on lost or stolen phones. The agreement forms part of a new Code of Practice recently signed by the country’s leading network carriers, which also guarantees greater transparency in pricing, bundling fees, international roaming costs, and premium rate service charges. Minister for the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey, helped to craft the new Code of Practice. In a statement following the signing of the agreement Vaizey told reporters “Protecting hardworking families from shock bills through no fault of their own has been a priority for this government. By working with mobile operators, we have secured an agreement that will provide consumers with real benefits as well as offer peace of mind.” The new Code of Practice, including the £100 liability cap, will go into effect almost immediately.

The £100 Liability Cap in Action

While the £100 liability cap is good news for consumers, mobile operators aren’t going to be taking any claims on faith. If your mobile is lost or stolen, you must report the loss to your carrier and file a police report within 24 hours of the incident. Once all reports have been filed, customers will only be liable for the first £100 of charges made after carriers and law enforcement have been notified of the loss. The liability cap on lost or stolen phones is seen as an equitable solution to the problem, but mobile operators continue to encourage customers to take sensible precautions against theft and to have actionable security features in place on their smartphones. Carriers recommend that all customers install a device lock, remote access control, or kill switch on all of their mobiles.

Consumer Watchdogs

It must be said that not everyone is best pleased with the bill cap on lost or stolen phones. Consumer advocacy groups, such as Which? and Citizens Advice, point out that £100 is still a lot of money for working families. They insist that consumers should not be expected to foot any part of a phone bill racked up by thieves and fraudsters. At the very least, consumer advocates would like carriers to make it easier to report a lost or stolen phone, and would like the required notification time to be stretched to 48 hours. Citizens Advice is also urging mobile operators to apply the new liability cap retroactively, giving some financial relief to those hit with massive phone bills since the spring of 2014 when the cap was originally slated to go into effect. Which? and Citizens Advice agree that the liability cap, and the new Code of Practice, is a step in the right direction, but argue that more should be done to protect consumers.

It is perhaps too much to expect carriers to absorb all of the costs of a lost or stolen phone, and the £100 liability cap does go some way towards protecting consumers from massive phone bills. That being said, the best protection is still prevention. Mobile phone owners should have security features installed on their handsets that allow them to remotely deactivate the device, rendering the phone all but useless to thieves. Should a phone be lost or stolen, consumers are urged to notify their carriers and, if necessary, file a police report as soon as possible.

Best apps for your smartphone

smartphoneMost of the people were using smart phones because of its advanced features and technologies. The person having their smartphone must use proper applications specially developed for their handset. So, they can easily improve the performance of their device without any difficulties and issues. One should go through the details provided on the site of the app developer before downloading it on their device. It will be helpful for the users to upgrade the performance of their device without any expenses. The applications developed for smart phones would be helpful for the people to maintain their device properly.

The pages providing details about the applications specially developed for smart phones will be helpful for the users. One must find the right application that is suitable for the configuration of their device. It is essential for the users to know about the advanced features of the app and the tools in the application. So, they can easily use all the tools and features in the application to make their device perform better. The person downloading the application for a smart phone must go through the details about the app and its rating. It would be useful for them to find the right application that does not affect their device.

There are a number of app developers available on the internet providing details about their application and its specialties. So, it is not a difficult task for the users to get the best application for their phone. It is an important task for the smart phone users to download several apps that is useful for them. So, they can get the complete benefits of the smart phone and its applications together without any issues. The app stores available on the internet will be helpful for the smart phone users to find the right one for their device.

Mobile Spy Reviews – Choose The Best

download (19)With the arrival of smartphones as well as internet phones, there is improving amount of dishonesty among the cell phone customers. These interaction devices are used for hiding something from partners, employers or parents. You have all the privileges to know about what is going on around you. Best way to go regarding this might be to set up mobile spy programs in suspect’s cell phone.

With quickly generated message logs and call log status, these are immediately sent to the account which you may access after log in. Spying isn’t terrible if you’re doing it to find if you’re cheated and if it’s performed reasonably, it’s nothing to fear about then. If you set up mobile spy programs like android spy apps to any cellphone, you’re creating sure you find out a way to get all the information regarding that cellphone despite not being actually present next to that mobile. There are a number of mobile spy programs that can be found on the internet so you have to be very cautious while creating your choice. Best way to decide on an excellent spy program might be to examine reviews. You can find several online reviews. Make sure to buy mobile spy programs which provide you best functions. When you go for mobile spy programs, just search for a trial and a how review is generated because it will allow you to create the best possible choice. When you want to decide on an excellent spy program for looking into someone else’s mobile, you have to keep in mind that it’s excellent to pay small and find out excellent system sooner than get it totally free and damage the whole system. The cell phone spy software is the most advanced technology that allows us to observe mobile gadgets. Whether you would like to observe your kids, your partner, or any other person, this is the best software for the job

Cell Phone Spyware Comparison

Cell Phone SpywareAs cell phone is a major means of communication today, you can have considerable information about the activities of a person from his/her mobile phone operations chiefly. You just need to install the cell phone spyware application in your target’s mobile phone which will get you comprehensive report on the major operations carried out from the mobile phone. Now, you must know that not all cell phone spyware systems around would be compatible for you. Thus, the experts always suggest to have a comparison study on minimum 5-6 cell phone spyware options before you settle down with a one.

First of all, you have to take note of the market reputation of the software. Go through expert reviews, ratings as well as customer testimonials and complaints. The one you take to should be the most reputed of the lot studied, armed with rave expert reviews, high ratings and positive customer testimonials. Now, it’s hardly possible for a spyware software to be completely free from complaints, but the your selected one should be higher in happy customers.

Then you have to compare the device compatibility of the spyware software options to make sure which of the applications are engineered for your particular mobile device- not every spyware software supports all mobile devices.

Next, you have to compare the key features of the mobile spyware applications. For example, you might want to know whether the applications support social media monitoring or are meant for remote control and so on. Don’t forget to compare the price and customer support factor as well. The best ones come wit 24/7 customer care and cash back guarantee.

If comparing each of the software options individually is too tedious for you, go to reputed mobile spyware review sites like This site presents authentic, expert and detailed reviews on mobile spyware application for all major cell phone devices.