Choosing a Phone That Works for you

PhoneThe mobile phone market is saturated and the choice can be quite overwhelming. It might be quite tempting to buy the phone all your friends are using, or the one that looks the coolest. Stepping back and making the decision based on your own needs, though, pays off in the long term because a phone that works with your lifestyle becomes a useful tool, rather than a shiny accessory.

Smart or Basic?
Many of us assume that we should just get the best phone we can afford, and for most that means a smartphone. As the clever people at How Stuff Works point out, though, out it’s worth being sure that you actually need a smartphone. If you don’t use your phone in a manner that requires the extras that come with a smartphone, is it better for you to go with a cheaper, simpler phone?

If you prefer to keep your gadgets separate, or if you prefer not to use them at all, then it doesn’t make any sense to pay out for the extras. The best path might be to choose the best contract for your needs and simply choose a basic phone. If, on the other hand, you’re all about the extras then by all means compare and contrast phones.

Tools at Your Fingertips
There are several online tools at your disposal that are worth looking at. You can use the giffgaff handset tool, for instance, to give you an indication of what phone might suit you, taking into account your budget and how you use your phone. It might, for instance, be able to suggest phones with good battery life if you play a lot of destiny games, or ones with easy to use typing abilities if you’re all about social networking. Other people may be more interested in making sure the in-built camera is of good quality. It’s still a good idea to look at reviews and ask questions, but these tools give a really great staring point or a helping hand to make a final decision.

When you’ve made your decision about which phone best suits your needs, there are still a few decisions to be made, such as which network provider to go with. It’s important to make sure your area has good coverage from whichever you choose, though in most areas of the UK this is less of an issue now unless you live in a more remote location.

Choosing a phone isn’t a decision that will be with you for a lifetime, but it’s still an important one. A phone that works for you is so much more than a way for people to stay in touch. It can be a useful tool to help you organise your life, a social tool for staying in touch and an entertainment tool, all in one. Choosing one that works well with your lifestyle can make life a great deal simpler and more pleasurable.

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