Facebook Opens Beta Testing Program for Android App

From today android app users can use the latest Facebook app on their android devices. This follows the launch of a beta testing program for android from Facebook. This program is just a pre-release testing on how different android users use their apps. According to Facebook blog post, the new app may be less stable compared to the former ones but the main objective of the program is to gain relevant feedback from those who use different devices. Since there are many android devices being used out there, Facebook looks to improve its performance by following through issues reported.

Through the Facebook for android beta testers Google group, anyone who possesses an android device can join this program. All you have to do is just use your android device like before but report all issues or concerns you have to the Facebook team. Facebook wants to know how your experience with this program was. It is from these issues that Facebook will later release fixes. These solutions will be made on a monthly basis.

It should be noted that before launch of new programs, a group of a thousand people are usually involved in developments. These tests are done within the company prior to official release. Mediate, Huawei, Sony, Ericsson, HTC and Qualcomm are just some of the firms Facebook has partnered with before in similar programs. Most importantly, Facebook took the push from Google’s successful launch of beta testing for android apps which took place last month at I/O developer’s conference.

Though the team has raised concerns about challenges met during testing, the main goal of this program they admit is to develop a highly performing program that can be relied upon. Even against such setbacks, Facebook looks to test its new app on different. By pooling different android apps together, it looks to achieve its ultimate goal.

Therefore, to get started all you have to do is join the Google group and download the beta testing app. And Adexin can help you with developing your android apps. The remote tester link in the play store will help you in this. Then update your Facebook application and join Facebook beta testers group. It is from here that you can offer feedback on your experience using the Beta Testing Program for Android From Facebook. This feedback will help Facebook come up with solutions that will make future apps more suitable to android users. Whichever android device you use whether it is a jelly Bean or Gingerbread, you can access this new program.

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