How QuickBooks 2013 Can Help Small Business

As a small business owner, you know how rough things can be in these troubled times which consist of rising prices and an economy that’s on a seemingly endless roller-coaster ride. Are you still relying on an outdated accounting software program that causes you a lot of frustration, loss of time and headaches? Then it’s time for you to learn how to use Intuit’s QuickBooks 2013 so you can better manage your business’s finances. Here are a few very good reasons to watch a QuickBooks 2013 tutorial.

You Don’t Need an Accounting Background

Accounting experts agree that it’s not necessary to have a background in finance or accounting in order to use QuickBooks 2013 as this software program is surprisingly easy to learn how to use and it’s packed with all types of helpful features even the most inexperienced user will find useful. In short, you won’t have to spend hours viewing a QuickBooks 2013 tutorial in order to pick up the basics of this newest version of Intuit’s small business accounting software as there simply isn’t a big learning curve to worry about.

Makes Bookkeeping and Invoicing Easy

When you’re using QuickBooks 2013 to manage your small business’s finances, bookkeeping and invoicing will be made a lot easier. When balancing your books, you’ll be able to keep good track of money coming in and going out and you’ll be able to create invoices and bring total organization to your financial data right from the convenience of your own computer. You also can sync with your bank account and credit card, schedule invoices to be sent out automatically and know exactly which payments have been received and which are overdue.

Simplifies the Billing Process

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to be paid on time. When you’re using QuickBooks 2013, you can send out accurate, timely bills to your customers to ensure that you do get paid when you should. A comprehensive QuickBooks 2013 tutorial will always include a segment on recurring billing. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can set the automatic billing process into action wherein you can automatically send bills out to those customers you routinely bill weekly or monthly.

Pay Your Bills Online with Ease

Using the QuickBooks 2013 online bill pay service, you can automatically schedule your bills so that they’re paid, recorded and sent over the internet to those you owe money to. This will help do away with the confusion you most likely grapple with each month when it’s time to sit down and pay your bills. Imagine being able to schedule and send payments securely and easily month after month using this very intuitive software program called QuickBooks 2013.

Do consider watching a QuickBooks 2013 tutorial online. You will be glad you spent the 15 minutes or so familiarizing yourself with this incredibly smart, cost-effective and time-saving software program that’s designed to help the small business owner like you succeed!

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