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Is better a free or cheap cloud storage home provider?

cloud storageWhen it comes to saving all files online with a cloud storage service, there are many options to choose from. In a market where there are around 30 different providers, with different pricing, different functionalities and storage capacities, choosing the right cloud storage for your needs can be a challenge.

So the question is the following: is better free or cheap cloud storage? The answer is difficult as in reality some free services are better than paid options and some paid options are really bad so the first rule you need to remember is that price doesn’t give value to a cloud storage service! Choosing an option today doesn’t mean you have to look at the price, even though it’s fair to say that the most expensive package will only cost a few monies per month (the most expensive home plan costs 12 Pounds per month!). So the real question is which characteristics do I need? Which features do I want? You can choose from storage capacity, speed, reliability, security, customer support and forget how much these cost. There is no point in trying to save a pound here and a pound there. You will want to pick a company that uses RAID 5 data recovery in place to ensure the safety of the files you are storing on their cloud.

The best advice we can give is to look at the service as a whole, not at the price. Start by thinking about what you need to save your files online, for example it’s different backing up thousand of business files than backing up only few personal pictures and documents because in the first case you need a very different service plan. Also you need to consider that prices are different so you don’t need to spend £2 for backing up your business documents or £12 a month to backup 1,000 pictures! You need to choose a service plan that meets your needs, don’t stop at the fact that one service is cheap and the other one is free.

The best advice we can give is to choose a provider with high secure and protected storage capacities, like for example MyPcBackup or JustCloud. Those two services are specialised in home plans and have available 75GB, 250GB or unlimited GB storage space together with an automatic backup service, which will back up your files and allow you take control of everything. Another thing that is good with those services is that they offer scheduled backups, file versioning and incremental backups so if you want to let the software do everything, you just need to set it up once and forget it.

In conclusion, don’t think about the price nor about free services. Find a reliable company and pick a service plan that meets your needs. It’s strongly suggested to spend a bit of money and have a peace of mind as you are better off in the long run.