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Different types of Rugged Industrial servers available for Various Industrial applications

Industrial serversRugged Industrial servers come with the capability of providing enhanced computing power in extremely harsh and hazardous environmental conditions. These industrial servers come with rugged steel chassis construction capable of withstanding huge temperature fluctuations. The cooling features available in these rugged industrial servers make it ideal for usage in harsh industrial environments. The major types of industrial servers include

1. Industrial 1U server

2. Industrial 2U server

3. Industrial 3U server

Industrial 1U server
This type of server comes with a chassis depth of 20 inches and is usually made out of lightweight aluminum weighing between 14.8 pounds and 18.6 pounds. 1U server has one expansion slot and can hold either 2 hard drives or 4 hard drives. It has a memory capacity of up to 512GB. This is compatible with a range of operating systems including Windows 7, windows 8, Windows Server 2012, VMware and Linux.

Industrial 2U server
2U Servers comes with 5 expansion slots that has the capability to hold 5 hard drives or 10 hard drives. It comes with a chassis depth of 20 inches and its weight ranges between 18.6 pounds and 28.8 pounds. There is also the option of incorporating 3 PCI full height slots instead of the default 5 low profile expansion slots based on the needs of the industrial customers. As this has been built based on a modular design, reconfiguration to include additional slots is extremely simple and easy to undertake. 2U servers are tailor made for rugged industrial use . It comes with the capability of withstanding harsh environmental conditions including outside temperatures ranging between -40 degree centigrade and +70 degree centigrade. It can also operate effectively at high altitudes of 10,000 feet.

Industrial 3U Server
3U servers come with 7 expansion slots with the capability to hold either 8 drives each with 3.5 inches SAS hard drive or 16 hard drives each with 2.5 inches SAS drive. For effective cooling purposes, 5 high speed and high volume fans are used as part of the temperature controlling systems. . Based on the configuration chosen, the 3U industrial servers come in weights ranging between 26 pounds and 42 pounds. As with other industrial servers, 3U servers also come with the capability to operate in extreme weather conditions.