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Features present in Rich media Player

lyricsRich media player helps to play more number and varieties of music. This player supports all types of video files present in external storage and hard disks. Music can also be played from internet directly if internet connection presents. This application is designed with user interface and extensive functions. After scanning the local drives the user can create their own multimedia libraries with favourite songs. The songs in those libraries are easily organisable and accessible. The user can even schedule the timing and duration of songs in libraries. This player from comes with playlist feature to create user favourite play list. Video effects and equalizer present in this media gives support to adjust various parameters. The speed of playing each song and subtitles can be configured based on user need. Rich media player is one of good application which contains so many compatible features and functions. This player does all functions available inbuilt like playing song, videos and it does not do more than that like subtitle downloading.

The main feature of this player is interface since any type of user can easily interact with the player. Wide range of video and audio formats is supportable in this media player. Songs can also be downloaded from web and easy to listen. This player can play any type of media file and format. All videos from you tube, TV, movies and television shows can be added into the local drive of this player. This player support both offline and online viewing of any videos and anytime can be synchronised with other electronic devices. Player from this developer is made to give simple and clean feel to the user while interacting. This player uses fewer amounts of RAM memory and processor so gives out best quality music with fewer intakes of other resources.