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Choosing A Business Online Storage Plan

Online StorageUnlike home users, businesses have more requirements when choosing an online storage service. There are standards to meet and regulations to comply with, particularly if the business is operating in a highly regulated market. There are a number of extra factors to consider when choosing a business online storage plan. We are going to discuss them in this article.

Storage and Upgrades
Business accounts normally come with larger storage space and more upgrade options. You can expect a minimum of 500GB in cloud storage space when you sign up for a business online storage account. On top of that, you also have more upgrade options; this makes getting as much storage space as you need very possible.

Support for Multiple Users
Business accounts must also have support for multiple users. Normally, you get support for 3 to 5 users when you sign up for a business online storage plan. This means up to 5 users can use the service, act as administrators and manage the online storage space.

Even further, there are features that allow network administrators and business owners to assign responsibilities to different users. You can easily have one administrator and set the other user accounts as users for better control of information and security.

Once the user accounts are set up, folders, sections of the online storage space and files can be assigned to them. Adjust the security settings and you can have the rest of the online storage space inaccessible to users assigned to a particular folder.

Premium Support
Today’s online storage services are very reliable; there are fewer risks of running into problems as you utilize the services to support your business. However, having premium support is a huge plus. Premium support gives your account better technical support, a support officer standing by at all times and of course access to additional support methods such as live and phone support.

Emails are replied quickly and support requests are handled by a team of qualified officers. No matter what kind of problems you are dealing with, having proper support means you can tackle them quickly and effectively. In the end, better support means better business workflow.

Advanced Security Features
The security features that come with business accounts are usually better than those of personal service plans. You can assign your own private encryption key, have better control over access and user management and complete other security tasks efficiently with the help of these security features.

You will also be able to comply with various standards, including HIPAA and other information security regulations, when you use business accounts. These accounts are specifically set up so that they work well with the needs and wants of various industries.

Specialized Accounts
There are businesses who need certain features to be available in their online storage service plan. If you are running one of these businesses, you should always look for plans that are specifically designed for your industry. Medical institutions, financial institutions and educational institutions are normally the ones who need extra features and finding the right online storage service for these types of businesses is fairly easy to do.

Of course, a good online storage service must also be cost efficient. Luckily, business online storage is more affordable than ever. A 500GB online storage plan can be as affordable as £14 per month; some companies offer the same plan for less through discounts, long contracts and special offers.

All you have to do now is find the right service plan for your business and start enjoying the benefits of online storage. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more tips and tricks right here on this site.