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Why Whatsapp is becoming the most favorite social media application

WhatsappEase and completeness of the Whatsapp is the main factor why this application is experiencing rapid development. Whatsapp has become a favorite of social media applications and causing massive user migration from many other social media applications. According to a recent study, more than 50 billion messages are sent every day via Whatsapp. Whatsapp gets its greatness on a practical standpoint as it does not require special pin, because it is only attached to the phone number that would be owned by every person who has a mobile phone. If you are one of the Whatsapp users then you can use it other than just for chatting with your colleagues and family. Whatsapp is a social media application that can be used to build a business network.

Why can Whatsapp be used as a business builder network? In this article, I will outline the various advantages Whatsapp that are able to qualify as a good business media.

1. Practicality in the delivery of various messages that includes text, images, audio, video up with a fantastic speed, even when compared to other social media applications such as fuel. Some surveys show that Whatsapp is fastest social media application.

2. A simple list of contacts so we are able to see which friend that is connected with this application. You can know the status of every person whose number is stored in your mobile phone if they enable this application. On the other hand, every person who saves your mobile number exams Whatsapp status easily as you can do.

3. The simple status bar. You can put whatever status you want. Status for Whatsapp is very useful to provide a general notification for all your clients.

4. You can convert your conversation into an email. Of course this feature is very useful in business. If there is a conversation that needs to be saved in the form of email then this feature can allow you to communicate with business colleagues or continuing a conversation that has been received in cases where your business associates require an official message format.

5. Feature of free calls. Of course, these calls can only happen as long as our phones connected to the internet signal; however this feature is very helpful in facilitating our communication because you can make calls directly to all of your Whatsapp contacts.

6. Providing block feature so that you can perform blocking to any contacts you do not like. You can prevent spam by this feature.