Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (translated as Love, Elections and Chocolate) is a high school romance anime about a school club’s efforts to win the Student Council President election and save their club from being disbanded. The series also falls under the “harem” category, due to the numerous women centered around one guy, namely Yuki Oojima. The series is predominantly meant for older teens to adults due to its sexual nature. Someone who enjoys romance anime will definitely get a kick out of this short twelve episode series.

The series is actually based of an adult visual novel (role playing game for computers) of the same name. The erotic exposure and material is toned down a bit in the anime, but the romance is still definitely a central facet. This does not mean, of course that romance and love is the only aspect of life showcased in the series. Bullying, corruption, and determination play a part as well. The school the anime’s plot circles around, namely Takafuji Private Academy, has around 6,000 students, and such groups as the Student Council and the Fina

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